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Lakeland Spinal Health P.C.

 Chiropractic & Wellness

 118 South Main Street    North Webster, Indiana

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Monday:9am-12pm, 2pm-6pm
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Jay D. Koontz D.C.



Lakeland Spinal Health added 10 years back to my life! I found Dr. Koontz at Lakeland Spinal Health when I had a back issue flare up over my summer vacation last year. The issue was so bad that I could barely even walk to my car. He figured out my problem right away and gotme back on my feet for the rest of my week off. After a few visits, I’ve put behind a recurring injury that I’ve been dealing with for over 3 years now – couldn’t be happier that I found Lakeland Spinal Health and would definitely recommend them to anyone with back issues!


Dr. Jay Koontz has made an incredible impact in my daily life. I was getting sore and feeling "broken down" before I started chiropractic adjustments at Lakeland Spinal Health. Retired from a ballet career, but still doing a very physical job currently, it's a must to keep my body moving effortlessly and free of pain! I'm very grateful I found Dr. Koontz and Lakeland Spinal Health.


I consulted Dr. Koontz in an effort to find relief from two chronic conditions: hip and shoulder pain. He quickly diagnosed both conditions and began treatments. The shoulder resolved after just three or four visits and I continue to have no problems. He determined through xrays that, just as my family physician had suspected, the hip pain was a result of issues with my back. Through a combination of his adjustments on my spine and Katie’s therapeutic massage concentrating on the hip I am finding amazingly positive results. In just 2 months I have found the relief three years of injections and deep heat treatments had failed to achieve. He is knowledgeable, personable, affordable and efficient. I am confident that his expertise is putting me on the road to lasting relief. This was one of the best health decisions I have ever made.

My name is Janet. For the past 3 years, Dr. Jay Koontz has helped me with my pain and range of motion. This enables me to work both here and in Florida. When I first saw him, my pain was at a 8 or 9, out of 10 (with 10 being severe pain). My range of motion made it difficult to drive. Whenever I have a bad episode, Dr. Koontz gives me a chiropractic adjustment, so I can continue to work and live a better life.

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